Exhibition: Love you my sweaty

Black Church Print Studio Emerging Curator Exhibition 

Love you my sweaty

13th – 28th January 2023
Curated by Sara MUTHI

Preview: Thursday 12 January 2023 from 6.00 – 8.00 pm at The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Featuring selected BCPS and invited artists: Ella BERTILSSON, Susan BUTTNER, An Gee CHAN, Michelle MALONE, Alison PILKINGTON

Black Church Print Studio presents ‘Love you my sweaty’, curated by Sara MUTHI, winner of Black Church Emerging Curator Award at The Library Project. This exhibition will run until Saturday 28 January 2023.

The often discarded aspects of daily life can reveal poignant realities. Off-handed comments and junk drawer contents can give way to important commentaries about the human condition, class structures, and lived experience. With this exhibition Ella Bertilsson, Susan Buttner, An Gee Chan, Michelle Malone and Alison Pilkington look to restage inner dialogues ranging from the silly to the existential.

By employing a variety of practices across printmaking, painting, sculpture and drawing, the artists attempt to consolidate inner and outer realities, reflecting on the mundane and melancholic experiences of daily life through sincere, unaffected sensibility. Individual experiences of excitement, confusion, neglect and defeat are rendered surreal in a soirée of colourful pinks and playful dirt. Paying little mind to the boundaries between reality and fantasy, conscious and subconscious, the work unfolds hidden narratives and reveals the absurdity present in the everyday.

Exhibition continues until Saturday 28 January 2023. Gallery opening hours 12 – 6 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Image credit:
An Gee Chan, Sick Head, 2012. Mono screenprint, Edition of 1. H150cm x W200cm.


Curator’s note regarding the exhibition title, ‘Love you my sweaty’: My family and I are first generation immigrants, part of the cohort of mass immigration in the mid-1990s to early 2000s so neither of my parents spoke much English. My mom, my sister and I would leave notes for each other to wake up to. One of my mom’s notes read “Love you my sweat girl”. A simple spelling error. My sister and I would laugh and laugh.

‘Love you my sweaty’ installation Images

Photography Kate-Bowe O’Brien


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