Darkroom Rental

Our private photography darkroom is available to rent for non-members artists. It is fully equipped for B&W film processing and printing. To book our darkroom you must firstly become a registered user with us and pay an annual registration fee. To be accepted for Black and White Darkroom rental you need to be competent in this area and be able to work independently.
The Studio supplies all the necessary chemicals for black-and-white printing and film development – you only need to bring paper and your negatives. We can cater for all film formats from 35mm up to 5×4.

Darkroom Annual Registration: €100
Hourly rate: €20
Daily rate: €80

If you need private instruction please let us know and we can provide this too.
If you want to learn about alternative processing, pinhole photography, photograms you can enquire about our private tuition in this area.

Darkroom Features
  • 2 8” x 3’4” x 1’6” gang stainless steel sinks
  • All basic chemistry (Ilford, Dektol, Kodak)
  • Plastic tanks and reels for 35 and 120 film
  • Enlarger capable of printing 35, 120 and 4×5 film
  • Easels and trays capable of printing up to 11 x 14
  • Grain focusers
  • Multigrade filters (00 to 5)
  • Timers and safelights
  • Measuring graduates
  • Thermometers
  • Print tongs
  • Enlarging magnifiers