Risograph Printing

Risograph Printing

Risograph Printing is a cost-effective printing process that can quickly produce large volumes. Its distinctive aesthetic quality makes it stand out compared to other conventional printing processes. A Riso project is designed using layers. These can be prepared traditionally or digitally using software such as ProCreate, Photoshop and Illustrator. Or use conventional drawing materials, paper cut craft and mixed media to create stencils.

When designing a project consider how the layers interact with one another. Choose whether colours will overlay or be separate, if colour transparencies are to be used to achieve secondary colours and how the final key tone completes the image. Or choose a favorite photograph to be reproduced via four-colour separation. An image can be split into its digital colour channels. The Riso machine then prints these channels in yellow, cyan, magenta and black. Just watch out for registration imperfections!

The Risograph duplicator is suited for drawing and graphical arts projects and improvised photographic reproductions. Once prepared, a print edition is easily produced, using non-archival environmentally friendly Soy based inks. Perfect for the creation of flyers, disposable publications, proof printing and the creation of affordable art.

Colours Available

Black, Bright Red, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Green, Aqua Blue, Yellow

Basic price guide

There is a flat rate of €6.50 per master (e.g. €13 for 2 colour single sided, €26 for 2 colour double sided, etc.) with an added €1.30 per sheet of Munken A3 paper needed.

Please note for Zines: trimming, collating, binding would be charged separately.

Request a Quote

To request a quote please send us the following details:


  • Details of Design: Digital or Handmade
  • Colour Range: Mono / Duo / Tri / Quad
  • Spot colours available: Black, Bright Red, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Green, Aqua Blue, Yellow
  • Paper Stock: Munken range (or supply your own – paper should be lighter than 300gsm)
  • Scale – Max. A3 (297 x 420 mm)
  • Number of prints required

Printed at Black Church Print Studios

GAZE Film Festival

Gaze Film Festival brochure 2023, Risograph, A5 size booklet


NETWORK Exhibition

Printed to accompany NETWORK exhibition in The Library Project 2023. Risograph, A5 size booklet


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