Curator Talk: Unlimiting the Edition

Black Church Emerging Curator Exhibition 2024 

Unlimiting the Edition

Curator Talk: Ria Czerniak-LeBov

2pm, 27 January 2024

Location: The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Exhibition featuring: Ailbhe Barrett, Maya Brezing, Niamh Flanagan, Margot Galvin, Des Kenny, Grace Ryan.

Curator Statement

My practice as both a curator and writer is rooted in printmaking, its position within the wider contemporary visual landscape and the rarity value systems it so often conforms to. Print’s historical links to early mass production, technology, craft and the democratisation of the Art image are unique to the medium. Unlimiting the Edition is the culmination of an academic research project which focussed on the widely accepted convention of limiting editions of hand-made, original fine art prints. In the wake of digital reproduction and online image saturation, the analogue, tactile and material processes embedded within printmaking have become sites of conceptual and technical exploration. Unlimiting the Edition features 6 printmakers, each of which engage with the printed multiple as medium. These practices complicate conventions, pushing Print beyond the limits of the edition.
Curator Ria Czerniak-LeBov<br />
Winner of Black Church Emerging Curator Award<br />
Standing at the door of The Library Project, Dublin

Ria Czerniak-LeBov, recipient of the Black Church Print Studio, Emerging Curator Award 2024.

Image Credit, Lauren Hamilton

‘Unlimiting the Edition’ Installation Images

Photography Lauren Hamilton



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