Stephanie Sloan


Stephanie Sloan is an Irish printmaker (screen print) and illustrator, based in Co. Wicklow. Sloan’s work combines both digital with hand drawn techniques, starting with drawing, followed by a process of reducing elements to a carefully considered balance of form. Sloan’s recent exhibition highlights include two solo exhibitions in the Wilton Gallery in Dublin, 2020 and 2021. Inclusion in the Woolwich Contemporary Print fair, London in 2020, and a recent print commission for the National Library of Ireland. Sloan was a recipient of a ‘2020 Future Makers ’ award by the Crafts Council of Ireland.


“My work is a personal form of navigation of the landscape around us, a visual processing of structure and space with blurred boundaries between the conscious and subconscious. Central to my practice is the examination of recurring patterns in nature and landscape, balancing graphic shapes with texture and repeat mark making to focus on depth, light and natural forms. I aim to capture a sense of nature’s energy, shifting light on landscape, and fleeting moments of changing depths. It is ultimately my emotional and physical responses to this which drives my practice.”