Muntsa Molina


Muntsa Molina (aka MUN·MORE) is a visual artist and printmaker based in Germany. Originally from Barcelona, where she graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts and a Postgraduate Degree in Illustration, she was living and creating in Ireland for the past 9 years and recently moved to Berlin. She remains a member of Black Church Print Studio. In 2019 she completed a residency in Japan, where she learned the fundamentals of Mokuhanga, and has been experimenting with this technique since then. Muntsa works with illustration, drawings, woodblocks and etching. She has exhibited nationally and internationally.


My interest lies in the exploration of life and nature. I find animals and the human body an easy way to represent feelings and emotions. Observing and studying their organic shapes helps me to portray their movements in a poetic way. Also, my prints are often inspired by poems, stories, dreams and my own life experiences. My work has always been primarily based in illustration. I often employ pencils and watercolors to create delicate drawings inspired by nature and then I bring them to my prints. Printmaking has helped me to detach myself from literal replication of a drawing and it has allowed me to learn to play with the element of surprise and of unpredictability within the print medium. With the Japanese woodblocks I discovered a new medium that combines traditional skills and material craftsmanship with the adaptability and freedom of the medium.