Maureen Burke


I work with a variety of materials and mixed media including acrylic, ink, oil and pastel, charcoal and print – the choice is determined by the image I am working on and my emotional response to it. Working with multiple layers, my pieces take some time to complete, whether it is a drawing or mixed-media painting, a portrait or a landscape – this layering process allows for several reflective changes and stages which ultimately creates a contemplative quality to my work.
Suburban neighbourhoods and large expanses of green spaces are a constant feature of my lived experience – I am, therefore, curious about how I can portray the feelings of structured space, repetition, blandness and sometimes soullessness evoked by urban sprawl. My focus is on over-looked aspects, mundane hedgerows, unnoticed pathways, the familiarity invoked by repetitive unremarkable details. These urban settings can be characterised as liminal, in-between spaces, neither town or countryside – worlds within worlds, mirroring and disturbing what they are not – forcing the mind’s eye to alternative areas/experiences.


Maureen Burke, born in Leicester, UK, now living and working in Dublin, completed her Fine Art degree, including a Masters, at IADT. She obtained a PhD in art education from NCAD and has taught art in the Further Education sector for many years. She has exhibited widely over the years, her work has been selected for numerous exhibitions and is held in public and private collections.