Órla Goodwin


Órla Goodwin is a Dublin based artist. With a background in costume for theatre, she recently graduated with a MFA in Fine Art from NCAD. Her work engages various mediums, primarily print based. It looks to ideas of filters and masks created through layers of representation, fragmenting the relationship between reality and fantasy.


Through a variety of medium I look at the in between space of the real and the imagined. Theatre and the language of the staged space is central to the work. I stage scenes that are layered and repeated, fragmenting but also framing this in between space. Architectural elements both created and found combine to act as this stage. The use of fabric and reference to costumed forms are suggestive of a puppet/prop like form of a feminine presence without an actual human presence. Print in the work acts as object or prop within a space as well as being the staged space itself, thus acting as a sort of mise en abyme of an imagined reality.