Rebecca Gleeson


Rebecca Gleeson is a Dublin based artist, with a focus on printmaking and illustration. They graduated from the National College of Art and Design, in 2021 with a BA Honoursin Fine Art Printmaking and Critical Cultures, and has been a member of Black Church Print Studio since 2021.



My work grows from themes of escapism, history, disappearance and distance.
I’ve approached these themes so far primarily through setting up narratives; for my graduate project, I constructed the story of a lost Antarctic expedition. I used this narrative to frame my prints as fragments of something lost. Like this, I have been using print processes to act as a way of accessing the past, or fantasy, and bring it forward. I focus on copper plate intaglio printmaking techniques, and favour more manual, time-consuming processes, like mezzotinting. As my practice progresses, I would like to continue to explore different ways of printmaking, particularly more hands-on approaches.