Aïda Bangoura


Over the last number of years I have been working primarily using mixed media on aluminium, painting and printing. The context/environment in which I work impacts quite strongly on my art practice. The response is internal insofar as I don’t paint my environment but rather how I am feeling in the environment.

Time plays an important role in my work. I seek the experience of absence and presence, appearance and disappearance over time. The marks that I make are emotions and that leave a trace of their passage on the work. The mysterious imprints of absent marks have as much impact as those that are fully present. They are a testimony to past history, disclosing layers of the past. I play with the spatial and emotional tension, writing, numbers, erratic lines, forms, colour and composition; a return to pure aesthetics and contemplation. I wish to convey a sense of freedom, life, spontaneity, fluidity, playfulness and expansiveness of space, as well as a sense of the past and present moment.