Exhibition: Living Balance

Living Balance

Caoimhe DALTON / Hazel EGAN / Kate FAHEY / Suzanne WALSH

The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

13th – 29th January 2022

Curated by Debi PAUL
Winner of Black Church Emerging Curator Award

Opening hours: 12 – 6 pm, Tues – Sat


Living Balance will launch the celebration of Black Church Print Studio’s 40th Anniversary and our contribution to the Irish Arts Scene over the last 40 years.

The artists in Living Balance work with print in its widest definition. They look to the traditions of the process reaching to its earthed materials such as copper, stone and soil, weaving them along with their concepts. Caoimhe Dalton, Kate Fahey, Suzanne Walsh, and Hazel Egan‘s works investigate elements of ritual, pattern, voice, language and re-wilding.

The exhibition features a recorded audio: An encounter with Living Balance by writer, broadcaster and folklore enthusiast Manchán Magan.

Debi Paul, Curator of Living Balance, current recipient of the Black Church Print Studio, Emerging Curator Award. 2022. Image Credit, Louis Haugh.

Kate Fahey, Cumulative Loss (installation image, central wall), inkjet on Shiohara, 2m x 3m, 2015. Image courtesy of the Bluecoat Liverpool and New Contemporaries (also pictured are sculptures by Lisa Porter not included in Living Balance).

Enter a reservoir filled with sensory materials, visual downloads, language, pattern and bodies. Inside this space are networks of interconnected and living organisms. These entities are diverse: bread, a bird, a cloud, a phone, a pebble …

Here you will find forms of ritual that welcome the many and encourage a curiosity about unseen yet felt presence. Some of the works in Living Balance touch upon the Irish myth and folklore, while others engage with interspecies communication, earthly material and digital connections.

Witness the slow, meditative practice of downloading screen-based explosive images onto the fabric of fibrous Shiohara paper. Gradually an artwork is assembled as a process of becoming. These are the intimate approaches of seers and feelers.

Stone lithography and collage follow a rhythm in sync with its surroundings.  Questions are formed around the passage of slow time, through being with living organisms and the imprint of sedimentary matter. Experience the whisper of low continuous resonances, of the sea as it speaks. Feel a mysterious agitation, a foreboding teeming. Be with the repetition of soft breaths and borderless voices.

Debi Paul, Curator, 2022

Living Balance Installation Images

Photography Louis Haugh


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