International Artist-in-Residence

Call for submissions:

Deadline: 28 April 2023

Black Church Print Studio would like to invite International artists actively engaged or informed by contemporary printmaking practice to apply for a four-week residency in Black Church Print Studio, Dublin during 2024. Applicants must be practicing printmakers. Irish residents are not eligible. Dates to be confirmed between winning participant(s) and the Studio.

”Through my work I aim to catalogue experiences of identity, investigating the emotional realities of sociocultural landscapes and the ways in which people navigate them. As an artist, my practice is largely led by research based in the social sciences. Utilizing personal narrative, ethnography, and data visualization, I aim to make pieces which are both intellectually engaging and conceptually accessible. I approach each body of work as a case study, focusing on the sociopolitical histories of particular demographics through investigations into archives, libraries, and other collections. Aesthetic cues and compositions are then drawn from the inherent qualities of the respective source materials”.

Belle-Pilar Fleming

2022 recipient

Belle-Pilar Fleming speaks about her practice and her residency project in Black Church Print Studio.

About BCPS residency programme

Black Church Print Studio International Artist-in-Residence programme was established in 2009 to facilitate contemporary artistic practice in the Studio and to further the professional development of artists. It enables the creation and production of new work, fosters an exchange of ideas and influences and encourages the sharing of expertise.

  • Emerging, mid-career and established professional artists are invited to apply.
  • Artists will have access to etching, lithography, screen printing, relief presses and digital equipment.
  • Selected participant will receive accommodation, basic materials, studio equipment and facilities usage, technical and administrative support.
  • Travel and material costs are the responsibility of the participating artist.
  • The successful resident will be asked to complete two editions of works during the residency and donate two prints from each to the Studio (one for the BCPS Archive Collection and one for BCPS Fundraising).
  • The resident artist will be required to give a public print demonstration or artist talk during the residency.
  • The Residency is scheduled for a single four-week term in 2024 (dates to be confirmed).

The smell of a printshop was welcome, for a printmaker it is almost paradise…

‘Because of the “no pressure” attitude of the workshop I allowed myself to work openly and investigate ideas that I had not until then allowed myself to try out. Mark making on wooden boards, carving, inking and the consequent printing onto paper is what I have been doing for the past twenty years. But what was different in Dublin was the lightness and easiness of the process. It cannot be understated how important an atmosphere like Black Church is to an artist, how important it was/is to me – or – how difficult and how rare such an atmosphere is to find!’

Brian Curling

2018 Recipient

How to Apply

Application should be submitted in pdf format by email to  [email protected] Total size of email should be no larger than 25MB. A submission fee of €20 applies. This can be paid using the payment link above.

Email subject: BCPS International Residency 2024.

Submission should include (pdf fromat):

  • A proposal of work to be achieved throughout the residency (with accompanying work-plan). Max 2 pages.
  • A maximum of 10 images of works, representing a cohesive overview of current work with accompanying image details including title, date, medium and dimensions where applicable.
  • A recent CV (including exhibition history).
  • A short biography


All applications will be placed before a selection panel comprising a Board Director and the Studio Technical Manager. The selection panel will give consideration to the proposal, quality of work and CV/experience.


Applicants must be practicing Printmakers. Irish residents are not eligible.


28 April 2023


All applicants will be notified within four weeks of application deadline.

My residency at Black Church Print Studio couldn’t have been a better experience. The studio, which is smack bang in the busiest part of Temple Bar, is generous in space for each printing technique. I was well provided with all I needed. Everyone is beyond helpful, especially David and Hazel, who run the place. I could access the studio 24/7. My accommodation and host were amazing’.
Gabriela Jolowicz

2016 Recipient

”BCPS Artists-in-Residence Program fosters creative, intellectual and professional growth for young practitioner like me. Resident has access to world-class facilities and studio time, free environment and discussions within the members which opens the space for new learning’s, cultural exchange and understanding the art world in Ireland. Along with studios alive and energetic, beautiful location at the heart of the Dublin city, studio allows me to take risks and pursue new projects, learn new methodologies and mediums to explore my ideas. This Residency-Program has impacted the trajectory of my artist practice and introduced me to new methods of making.”
Yogesh Ramkrishna

2019 recipient


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