Artist in Resident announced for Summer 2023

Matilde Everaert

Belgian Artist Matilde Everaert will work in Black Church Print Studio for four weeks in July 2023. Her residency will culminate in an artist talk and print demonstration open to the public.

Proposal for Residency below:

My first voyage into a non-existing landscape

During a residence at the Frans Masereel Center, I realized that making an atlas of a landscape that you didn’t discover enough yet wasn’t the right approach. Like an explorer, I went in search of the non-existing landscape. During this search, I came in contact with ‘lithography’, a printing technique that was still unknown territory to me. Building the imaginary landscape by the use of stones made this whole world more tangible and real.

My second voyage into a non-existing landscape

With this residency, I would love to go back to the landscape. Not only to discover it more while printmaking but also to discover more of the litho stone landscape and all the possibilities. My first acquaintance with lithography made me curious to discover the possibilities that this technique has to offer. It quickly became clear to me that lithography enlarges the landscape differently, more atmospheric, and closer to myself.

Artist Statement

My work is characterized by uncontrolled controlledness, I never have a clear image or plan in mind. Each image leads me to another one. But I have a few questions about the work I’ve made during my first voyage. Why black and white? Could the second voyage be more colourful? Just like travel photography has evolved from black and white to colour. Why fragments? I took several shots during the first voyage, but the total landscape is not yet visible. With this second trip, I would love to search for a way to bring it more as a whole.

Examples of Matilde Everaert’s work