Louise Peat

Louise Peat was born in Dublin where she lives and works. She studied Fine Art at DIT, College of Marketing and Design where she received an honours Diploma in Painting in 1993 and in 2011 she graduated with a Master of Fine Art in Painting from NCAD. She is currently on the teaching panel and a member of the Board of Directors at The Black Church Print Studio where she has been a member since 1990. Louise Peat has exhibited widely both nationaly and internationaly and received an Ev+a Award in 1998 and in 2000 she won the Douglas Hyde Gold Medal and Arts Council Award for painting. Her work is held in many private and public collections.


Artist's statement
Louise Peat uses painting, drawing, print, installation, sound, and computer, exploring the possibilities of the various mediums function to create and inform her work. She operates these specific processes in various transmutations with each other to build a hybrid of work to form a play of relationships between the materials and the concepts presenting simultaneous but different experiences to stimulate multiple narratives and emotional responses that arise alongside it, or that may be triggered by it. Her concern with the work is how she pursues it, it's a very intuitive response to images, concepts and materials, a desire on her part to attempt make connections, or at least to somehow experience these things as expressive forces.


Peat's recent practice focuses on communication and specially alludes to the way people today keep in touch by interacting through a screen - via social media and internet networks trying to perpetuate social bonds, relations and intimacy. However, Peat also believes that there is a big disconnection going on and considers what is missing with most forms of modern communication is emotional exchange and she expressly asks - are we losing meaningful connection within the process?