Debora Ando

Artist Statement


My interest lies on explorations of entropy, transformation and self-destructive processes within the urban realm using print as one of the elements to discuss and analyse the indexes of materiality that embrace the relation between time and space. How does the urbanscape transmit, transform and assimilate entropic processes? Through my work I investigate the construction and reconstruction of the sense of place based on my research on the concepts of topophilia and placeness. Personal memory, feelings and experiences are used to create an association between ephemeral, poetic and individual moments.


Debora Ando is a Brazilian from Sao Paulo artist currently based in Dublin. Since 2013 she is a part-time lecturer in the Print Department at the National College of Art and Design as well as part of the Visitor Engagement Team at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. She runs The Print Workshop, an independent initiative, working in the education programmes of numerous national organizations, museums and galleries such as the National Print Museum, the National Gallery of Ireland, the Chester Beatty Library, Limerick Printmakers, Galway Print Studio, secondary schools, among others. Moreover, she is part of Dublin City Council's Artists Panel. In 2017 Debora Ando presented a paper in the international print conference Zureta, hosted by the Tokyo University of the Arts. In the same year she organized Satoru Itazu's masterclass at the Black Church Print Studio. Debora has been the recipient of grants and bursaries from Dublin City Council and Arts Council of Ireland. She has done residencies in France (CAMAC), Poland (through Graphic Studio Dublin) and Portugal (Atelier Guilhotina). In 2018 she will participate in residencies at the Tokyo University of the Arts and Kloster Bentlage in Germany. Her work has also been selected to integrate the portfolio Place/Meaningful Space, curated by Dr Aleksandra Janik and Magdalena Hlawacz, to be presented at the conference Altered Landscape 2018 (South Graphics Council International, USA).

She has been exhibiting nationally and internationally including the international multidisciplinary conference IMPACT/2015 (Hangzhou, China), CBK Amsterdam, Amsterdam Central Library, Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Casa da Rosas (Sao Paulo), Galeria Lamelli (Krakow), Wells Fargo Bank Art Gallery (California). Her most recent project " The Drawing Class" took place at Studio 6 in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios in 2017.