Aimee Gallagher


Aimee Gallagher is a Dublin based visual artist and printmaker. After the completion of her final year in BA (hons) in Fine Art & History of Art Degree at the National College of Art and Design in June 2015, Aimee underwent a four month residency in the RHA; School of Fine Art with GUM Collective.

Aimee is a member of GUM collective, who are a group of 10 Dublin based visual artists, specialising in fine art printmaking. They have held multiple exhibitions to date and produced a self-made documentary which was shown in NCAD Gallery in December 2014, and as part of the More Than One Maker exhibition in IMMA in 2015. They currently have three published zines.

Artist Statement

My main artistic interests, existing through-out my artworks, lie in the presence of people and their remnants. I continually explore different landscapes, natural and man-made, to convey and narrate presence. Utilizing printmaking and photography as my main mediums. Most recent works explore both the emotional and physical presence of a person within a space through subject matter and medium.