Anna O'Byrne

Curiosity Cabinet, 4 Temple Bar, D. 2

Wish you were here Sugar, Screenprint

13 April - 31 May 2012


Anna O'Byrne's piece 'Wish you were here Sugar' is an interpretation of a small (2.5"x 5") etched sugar lift print, an abstract form landscape of memory. A Sugar Lift print is made by painting a syrupy solution of sugar onto a copper plate and then it being coated in a liquid etching ground. When the plate drys it is placed in hot water, the sugar dissolves and lifts off leaving the image to be etched. The form of the sugar makes the initial image in her work, this represents a real event with a person in time, this image is then interpreted to create a new image that represents the act of missing them and the remembering the time. The event can never be relived, remembering it is a new event. In recreating this new landscape she is trying to give form to the act of remembering and missing someones presence through the formal qualities of drawing and screen printing. The original image is then traced and enlarged and screen printed, it becomes a larger, more vague and more laboured, rehashed version of the original print, something that takes on a unique form of it's own. It is these new forms that she wishes to create. The viewer does not know what the original print looked like but they were not present at the real event, they can only experience the artists remembering of the event, through the form of this new print.



Anna O'Byrne was born in Dublin in 1980, in 1983 her family moved to Tralee, Co Kerry where she lived till 1998 leaving to completing a Diploma in Design Communications at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology. After some years working and starting a fine art practice she completed a Fine Art BA Degree in DIT 2006-10. She won the John Kelly Graduate Award in 2010 and was awarded membership to the Black Church Print Studio. She has been in group shows in La Cathedral Studios, Broadstone Studios, RDS Ballsbridge, Block T Gallery and Studios in Dublin and in Linnenhall, Castebar and Island Arts Centre, Lisburn.