Raymond Henshaw


Raymond Henshaw is an artist and curator. Amongst notable recent projects are "Watershed" - a curated show featuring five artists from Ireland and Hong Kong. This exhibition was part of the Hong Kong Graphics fiesta 2010/2011, and exhibited simultaneously in Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, & Millennium Court Arts Centre, Northern Ireland. He also recently set up and managed the Strule Print Workshop, in Omagh. Dedicated to screen print and digital imagery, it is the first new print studio in the last 30 years in Northern Ireland.


Amongst the recent bodies he has completed commissions for are, Royal Hospitals Belfast, for South East Belfast Trust and Belfast City Council, and artists, Jesse Jones and Vittorio Santoro.


He has completed four book projects to date, three are one off artistic projects variously entitled, ‘Primary colours', ‘Longitude Latitude' and ‘The Book Of Evidence'. The forth is a commercially published work entitled "Time & Motion" which was a collaboration with historian Seamus Lynch exploring identity in County Louth, Ireland.


Currently based in Dublin and working from Black Church Print Studio.
His subject matter is explored across a variety of mediums, but chiefly seen in, printmaking and photography.