Kath Van Uytrecht


My prints often use imagery taken from my memories of growing up- from childhood to my current state of adulthood. I often take objects from these memories and use them to signify a specific association for me. These could be of people or place or a moment in time.

By capturing snippets in time, observing my environment and emotions, and searching for my roots, I try to make sense of my place in the world. Although these images are based on an exploration of my identity with its myriad of meanings I prefer to portray these images in a light hearted or whimsical way. I choose to show my enjoyment of life by playfully constructing a new context for these objects.


Born in South Africa, Katherine Van Uytrecht graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town with a major in printmaking.

She is now living in London and works for londonprintstudio as Print Studio Coordinator, having lived and worked in Dublin for over 9 years, making and editioning prints and exhibiting in various group shows in Ireland and internationally.

She has worked as a printmaker for Graphic Studio Dublin, Stoney Road Press and privately for artists. She is currently a member of Black Church Print Studio in Dublin, Grafik i Väst in Sweden and londonprintstudio in London.