Sophie Carroll-Hunt


Sophie Carroll-Hunt is an illustrator and printmaker based in Dublin, Ireland. She graduated from IADT with a BA Hons in Visual Art Practice and has been a member of Black Church Print Studio since 2016. She combines digital and traditional printmaking techniques in her artwork and publications that is defined by bold lines and bright colours, whilst invoking a sense of nostalgia. Sophie has exhibited in exhibitions held in Rua Red, The Library Project, SO Gallery and Pallas Projects.


I’m interested in how food has an ability to unite communities and how it’s iconography can form a unique sense of identity.Within my practice I appropriate pre-existing imagery from packaging design and utilise its visual language to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Through this visual language and pattern recognition, viewers can appreciate the function and aesthetics of the original source, however through our own lived experience, we can miss the cultural, generational and emotional context in which it exists in.Food is ephemeral by nature but as it speaks to not only our senses, but also to our identity it affects the way in which we interpret the world.My work leaves space for a dialogue to form, as people have conversations of their shared memories. This imagery is not only a way to reminisce over a shared experience, but to also affirm that life happened. I primarily work through the printmaking process as it’s a perfect balance between art and design. I incorporate traditional printmaking techniques as a way to maintain the notion of the artists hand even when echoing mass industrial food production.