Pauline O’Farrell


Pauline lives and works in Dublin. She studied a Fine Art degree in Dublin Institute of Technology and graduated in 2015. She was the recipient of Black Church Print Studio’s John Kelly RHA graduate award. Her practice encompasses print, painting and photography. She has a particular interest in tone and early black and white photographs. She curated and exhibited in “Imaginary Order” a group exhibition in 2014 at DIT, St Joseph’s Convent, Dublin and in “Deadly” a group exhibition in The Chocolate Factory, Dublin in 2015.
Following on from her previous work “Romancing the Ordinary” a series of paintings and prints highlighting architectural features of mid 19th century buildings. The series were developed using white tonal values on black paper. Pauline continues to use tone in a new series of works to commerate the Easter Rising of 1916 and Irelands’ struggle for independence. Tone is used for its ability to render form, to create depth and space. Tonal variations are used to lead the eye around the works. In some of the work the tone is limited, translating the complexity of the subject to two or three tonal values, in some cases increasing the contrast between the darkest and lightest values to create impact, this can lend an element of photo realism to the work not unlike early black and white photographs.