Pamela Ryan


Pamela’s work focuses mainly on issues that are rooted in the body, physical mortality and contemporary issues which surround our understanding of, and associations with, our own bodies.

Pam, having established an ongoing dialogue with the imagery of cells (which constitute the most basic growth organism in the body), explores concepts of development and mutation-with particular focus on the plethora of common myths surrounding disease. Mortality and the deterioration of self, in its most elemental, genetic form, are all explored through this dialogue and seek to mark, probe and unsettle the basic physical self.

Developing this, Pam’s latest body of work explores the Objects & Spaces, which we all use to define ourselves. The emptiness of a space without the person who has created and in the privacy contained therein it has led to an exploration of spaces through the series of ‘veil’ prints and also photo installation work.


Pam completed and BA (Hons) in Fine Print and a Diploma in Fine Art Print, in Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology. On completion of her degree she became a member of the Black Church Print Studio. Throughout this year she exhibited both print and installation work. Following this year Pam travelled to New Zealand where she completed and six month internship with the Auckland Festival. Since returning from New Zealand Pam has continued her practice and is currently developing the ‘veil’ series.