Rachel O’Hara


Rachel O’Hara’s prints and drawings explore subtleties of composition and line. The horizon is a departure point for the artist, a means of isolating the linear elements of the landscape – the edges where sea, sky and landmass intersect. The work explores the sense of experiencing the horizon, dealing with, in a non-representational fashion, perceptions of horizon points, perspective, and symmetry.

Printmaking and drawing are central to the artist’s practice. Etching and lithography allow for detailed explorations of line, the process itself becoming as important in the creation of the work, where expanses of untouched paper become as important as the marks made with pencil and ink. The linear structures appear formal but subtle changes and combinations are possible within these limitations, reflecting a tension between attempted control of form through composition and drawing, and the variations which emerge through the interactions of the materials: metal, wax, acid & ink.


Rachel O’Hara received an MA in Printmaking from London Print Studio/University of Brighton in 2007. She graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 1990 and has exhibited across Ireland and the UK. She currently works in print, (lithography, woodblock & etching) drawing and video. She exhibited work in the Symmetry exhibition at the Original Print Gallery in February 2009, and has exhibited widely in I