Debora Ando


My works and installations concern structures that reflect my considerations and understanding of space and place, and with which I can effectively analyse, reflect and represent the distinction between them.
Working mostly with paper, I am interested in exploring its paradoxical materiality of apparent fragility though of resilience. Paper allows itself to be transformed from flat surface into volume, edge or curve, choreographed into shapes, becoming source of light reflexion, source of cast shadows.
My installations use basic shapes repeatedly, concentrating their intensity on the arrangement of the forms. These arrangements and positioning consume many hours of studies for their placement. I take in consideration the range of relations that each shape creates with one another, and how the viewer by moving around or passing by it will perceive them.
While space is indefinable and immeasurable for our perception, place represents an affective bond between people and their environment. The places that inspire me the most are the ones where I can explore how visual elements work in contrast, for instance the integration of simplicity and complexity, or fixed structures and fleeting experiences. When I move, it changes everything around. The contrasts and boundaries become at times ambiguous. And these experiences are what I bring to my installations and interventions.


Debora Ando comes originally from São Paulo, lived in Dublin for thirteen years and has been living in Dortmund since 2019. She received a BA with Honors in Fine Arts from the Universidade de São Paulo and an MA in Visual Arts Practice from the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Arts, Design and Technology (Ireland). Alongside her artistic career she has taught at the National College of Art and Design and Fachhochschule Dortmund. Her works have been exhibited in Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, USA, England, Brazil, Wales and China.