Alex Keogh


My work is a combination of darkroom photography and printmaking. My process of experimenting in the darkroom allows the materials I use to react organically in order for me to capture their behaviour. In particular I have been drawn to the vibrations and movements that can be created within a body of water. The idea of capturing a glimpse of the various structural forms and patterns that water in particular can embody is something that became an important part of my practice. I have always been curious about the impact that we as humans have on the natural structure of things. By carrying out experiments with water, light and sound I am able to explore the range of impact we truly have. Recording and documenting the different shapes, patterns, reflections and refractions became an integral part of my work. Through the combination of darkroom photography and printmaking I am able to capture those forms and bring them to life.


Alex Keogh is a visual artist and printmaker from Dublin, Ireland. She graduated with an Honours in Fine Art Printmaking from the National College of Art and Design in 2020. She became a member of the Black Church Print Studio upon receiving the John Kelly RHA award. Her work is a combination of methods such as experimental photography and printmaking. Alex is also a member of the Darkroom Dublin, where she created her first solo exhibition.